J Safe and Lock, a Missoula locksmith



Over 30 years of experience; from GSA containers to regular safes and vaults, we offer full service ensuring you are able to reach your valuables when you want.

One of the only Missoula area Certified Technicians, we are also certified to repair or replace and put back in service existing GSA containers.



An almost 30+ year career that started in 1994 in Missoula returns almost 4 years ago.

Jon was born and raised in Eastern Colorado in the early 60’s &70’s. Son of a banker and farmer his father instilled in him a good work ethic. Ex-military and raised in the church gave him a drive and focus.

In the early 90’s, he was part of the building and starting the development of Target, he had the opportunity to transfer to Missoula and he fell in love with it. In 1994 Jon was offered an opportunity of a lifetime working for a local locksmith business, and it was there that he was able to learn and perfect his skills. After realizing he had found his life passion, he then pursued his career in other locations before returning to Missoula in 2018. Along the way he specialized in the study of safes and vaults. Working for a company in NE, he was in charge of many banks across the state.

Bringing his work ethic and integrity back to the place he calls home, his honesty and fairness is matched only by his responsibility to help all those in need of his services.  His knowledge of his craft and resourcefulness is unparalleled.


What our clients say about us


Great quality!
Profession help when requested:  a recently deceased left her Will in her safe.  No one knew the combination.  J Safe and Lock opened the safe. We are most grateful!
Heather M.
- Attorney
Great quality!
Timely and affordable service when I need to change locks after a tenant leaves.
Jim H.
- Property Manager
Great quality!
Jon has been a huge help rekeying our AirBnB rental which we are away.  Thanks Jon!
Jerry R.
- Missoula, MT
Great quality!
The key to my older Honda Pilot was not working properly.  J Safe was able to retool the key and ignition at a fraction of the dealership's cost to repair!
Daniela R.
- UM Student

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